Friday, December 6, 2019
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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Promise.

The USBCMEDIA is an open news media. All that we do needs to profit you, our audience.

We can give you a greater amount of what you cherish when we comprehend you better. To do that, we request that you sign in to a portion of our news items. We likewise utilize your information to profit you in two different ways:

1. An increasingly close to home Usbcmedia for you

It encourages us to make the Usbcmedia progressively close to home for you. It implies we can:

2. A superior USBCMEDIA for everybody.

As an online news media, we have to make something for everybody. As a greater amount of our news contents gets expended on the web, it comprehends who’s devouring it with the goal that we can:

Check we truly are making something for everybody.

Get familiar with what you adore so we can improve stuff later on.

That is the reason we request that you sign in and give a touch of data.

Be that as it may, all through the majority of this, we’re resolved to ensure your own, private information remains sheltered and secure.

What Our Privacy Promise Says:

Our security guarantee covers how we treat your information and place you responsible for the end result for it. It’s based around three principle territories…


We will dependably clarify unmistakably what information we’re gathering about you and why. We will just gather information we have to:

Give you a superior encounter

Improve our news contents

Satisfy our obligations as an open news media.